we’re craig & alison. we promise we’re cool.

For a long time we both dreamed of fresh inspirations, different vibes, new cities, unfamiliar smells and sounds…

So we packed our bags and flew to Europe on one way tickets. Leaving our old worlds behind us, we walked like badasses on that plane in sheer blissful bewilderment.

And here we are are. We started our journey in Paris, where back in the day it attracted artists, dreamers, the disillusioned, the hopefuls. And still does actually.

So that’s us: a gutsy mix between head in the clouds and we totally got it together. Some days it’s either or.

berlin life

Craig and Alison arrive in Berlin at the end of summer. Discover Berlin’s summer secrets…...

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bonjour paris

Craig and Alison share their first month in the City of Love. Produced by dsgn.cloudMusic by...

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