We're Craig & Alison. We promise we're cool.

You know that restless feeling you get that no matter what you do, see or hear, nothing can snap you out of it? Having dreamed for so long of new inspirations, different vibes, wandering along strange streets, surrounded by new smells and sounds... Every moment being an adventure because the unknowing of what may lay only a few metres away could be interesting, beautiful, mind-blowing, absolute shit or pretty damn cool. That exhilarating feeling of anonymity only a new country can stir up. New perspectives, shattered stereotypes, that song-like quality a foreign language takes on when you're immersed in it.

As slightly poetic or lame this may sound, it totally got us. Seriously. We packed our bags, flew to Europe on one way tickets, and said peace to our former worlds. We walked like badasses on that plane in sheer blissful bewilderment.

And here we are are. We started our journey in Paris, where back in the day it attracted artists, dreamers, the disillusioned, the hopefuls. And still does actually. So that’s us: a gutsy mix between head in the clouds and we totally got our shit together. Some days it’s either or.

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